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If she’d ended up with Yu, methinks she’d drive him nuts in no time because of how stupid she is.

Even Yu’s supposedly infinite patience and good humour would snap.

Yu is so awesome that even Ichika and her daughter Sayaka are impressed, and that takes some doing.

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It doesn’t change the fact that Tamaki was criminally under-utilised in this drama, because there’s definitely so much more he could have done had Yu been given more screentime.

Still, Tamaki made such impressive use of his limited screentime that he pretty much overshadowed the bland Fukushi Sota. I love that there’s no mean streak in Yu, he helps Yuto and Hanae time and again even though he’s not obliged to, and he’s totally sincere about wanting Hanae to be happy.

I wish the drama hadn’t resorted to cliches just to stir up some “tension” – it would have worked better had Hanae been genuinely torn between the two men and actually felt something for Yu, but since she doesn’t, there’s no point using such a cheap trick to make it seem as though Hanae would actually give Yu’s proposal serious consideration.

This is doing Yu, the best character in the drama, a grave disservice.

4) Common sense obviously doesn’t exist for Hanae because she thinks she’ll remain alone forever after breaking up with Yuto (how long has she known this guy, again?

), doesn’t realise she can buy a plane ticket to the US to visit Yuto, is surprised that lovers who are also like friends can actually make the relationship work, thinks her “sacrifice” of breaking up with Yuto is really noble…

I wasn’t even against a Hanae-Yuto ending, just that they should start behaving like adults since we’re now into the final stretch.

However, the drama couldn’t even do that basic thing and the ending was just epic logic fail.

I will just summarise the idiocy in the following points: 1) Yuto gives up his research dreams and proposes to Hanae because he “can’t make her wait”.

This is beyond stupid because there are plenty of ways to work around the situation, but these two pea brains don’t even take the time to sit down and explore possible options and solutions.

This pretty much means she put Yuto through the wringer for nothing, made use of Yu who has feelings for her, and negated whatever growth she and Yuto experienced.

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