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The first morning, she asked me to make some meringues and then went out for the day – it was so nerve-racking that I burned the first batch to a cinder, but by the time she arrived back, the fourth lot were quite good.’The deeply poignant reason why Mary felt the need to take on some help was because her son William had just been killed in a car crash, aged 19.His death had rocked the whole family to its foundations and Mary wanted to work from home rather than travel, as she had done previously.

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(I may have a change at purchasing the Selmer.) Just got in a Leblanc alto for a repad. I remember you saying this sax required a special thickness pad.

Pads are held in by a small disc screwed to a stud. I plan on installing new pads like any sax with shellac and then screwing on the small disc that previously held in the pads.

Thank God she didn’t – I would have found it very hard not to lurk in the wings, wrenching her out of harm’s way.

Mary is a seriously good expert, and will do shows she’s interested in but no more quiz shows – she doesn’t enjoy them.’Here was an opportunity to do something a little different and have fun alongside breadmaker extraordinaire Paul Hollywood on BBC2 – little did either of them guess that the show would catapult Mary to a late blossoming of her career and launch a kitchen table renaissance of battenburg cake and artisan cheese scones.‘I was adamant that Mary should be allowed to be herself: polite, honest and a source of constructive criticism rather than being involved with anything unkind or sensationalist,’ says Lucy. ‘I have unquestioning faith in Lucy, and I know she is terribly protective of me, just as I feel protective of her.’The pair have an easy-going relationship, the result of many years working side by side.

The young woman would go home at the end of the day with her head crammed with combinations of flavours, textures and tastes.

It was a steep learning curve, but she loved every minute of it – even the admin.‘Mary can get 200 emails overnight,’ explains Lucy.

Or should I suggest to my customer we remove the stud from the key cups and install pads with modern resonators and which style do you think would work best for classical or community band playing? What’s your take on a 1967 BUESCHER 400 with the Varitone Pickup om the Underslung Tenor Sax Neck.

Also it has the factor installed small tube that runs the back of the sax and a 1/8 audio plug jack comes out of it.

But there are also such special moments; just this morning she received a letter from a little girl which included a photograph of her brandy snaps.

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