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She didn't come on to him at all, but he just pulled her and went into the next room'.

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John's sexual drive remained as intense as ever, but Yoko was finding herself less able, or inclined, to deal with it.

She was an increasingly unresponsive lover and John taunted her that she was like a Victorian wife - 'you just lie there and think of England'.

Like that film, alcohol certainly loomed large in John's West Coast odyssey, as did loneliness and self-loathing.

'I hadn't been a bachelor since I was 20 or something, and I thought, Whoopee! But the reality of life without Yoko was 'god-awful'.

But John's sexual restlessness could not be ignored - and one day Yoko decided to confront it.

She remembers: 'We made love and it was very good - he was very good. There was then some discussion, albeit not very serious, of whether he should stick to his own gender.But I didn't tell him that because he would have come back.'I thought: "I have to get over this because I can't be in a position where my existence relies on being with somebody." ' Particularly when that somebody was as mixed-up and difficult as John."' They agreed it would do their relationship no harm if John had other sexual partners. But I can't make it with a guy because I love women too much, and I'd have to fall in love with the guy and I don't think I can." ' Though eager to accept the sexual freedom Yoko was offering, John felt squeamish about doing anything under her nose in New York. He insisted that during their separation she must go out with other men so both of them would be equally guilty - and because he'd read that women who did not stay sexually active ran a higher risk of cancer.Surprisingly, apart from that one drunken lapse at the election night party, he had never been unfaithful to Yoko and, even with her compliance, he had no idea how to go about it. Inseparable: With Yoko at a news conference in New York in 1973 'So then I suggested Los Angeles,' she remembers, 'and he just lit up.' The problem was that, since his earliest days as a Beatle, he had never travelled anywhere alone or had to fend for himself. Yoko looked over the various young females in their circle and chose May Pang, a 22-year-old Chinese American who worked as an assistant to both of them. He said he'd feel more comfortable if any affair she had was with a brother musician.Fab Four: But John's increasingly crazed actions in LA were a disappointment for Beatles fans According to Mintz, from the moment John reached LA, his one thought was returning to Yoko.

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