Xmobar stuck on updating

For some reasons, cabal seems to get confused with the two revisions of the mtl package.

The second revision adds support for transformers-5.

xmobar stuck on updating-35

I believe the syntax is correct ( does not work either).

The ssd is encrypted with dm-crypt (file system: btrfs), and this setup has been stable for a couple of years without reinstall, with daily updates. About a week ago, the following problem occurred for the first time: In any application, or in urxvt, Xmonad will get unresponsive.

Cheers Hi, I haven’t been able to find a solution yet.

Do you happen to use a non standard keyboard layout, or one that needed special attention somehow?

Basically, I’m stuck within the window I was working in at the moment the error occurs.

This application will however work flawlessly, unless it tries to spawn a new window (e.g. Ctrl alt F1-6 still works, so I can kill xmonad from another tty (only with "kill -9").

I’m using urxvt-unicode-patched from aur, so I tried urxvt-unicode from the community repository, but it didn’t help.

Then I thought my Xmonad configuration was incompatible with later versions, but the same error occurs without trayer/xmobar and a very clean config (from Arch Wiki).

After 10 minutes of switching between workspaces and opening lots of windows, the error hasn’t occurred! Dont think its btrfs related; as this machine doesnt use btrfs anywhere.

Let me know if need any info from me; or if you find a solution.

Sometimes it’s an hour until the error occurs, but mostly it’s seconds to minutes.

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