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The reader does not add anything to the Xml Schema Collection.

If the Xml Schema Collection includes an XML schema (XSD) which contains include or import elements that reference other namespaces, the schemas for these other namespaces are loaded for validation purposes only.

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For more information, see the Remarks section of the Xml Reader reference page. If external document type definitions (DTDs) or schemas are needed for validation, the Xml Resolver is used.

This property must be set before the first call to Read.

Unless these schemas were explicitly added to the schema collection, they will not be accessible using any of the collection methods or properties.

For example, if the collection contains the schema file a.xsd, which contains a reference to the schema file b.xsd, you must add to the schema collection before you can access it using any of the collection methods or properties.

I want to do something like the following but I keep getting the error "the Xml Schema Set on the document is either null or has no schemas in it.

The reason I want to avoid the readers is that I want an Xml Document that is not forward-only so I can loop through the doc again after validating it.

Attributes are read along with the element node that they’re part of. By default, the parser will throw an exception if it finds a validation error, and if you don’t handle it, the program will terminate.

When reading attributes, you can use the at System. You can improve on this error handling by installing an event handler.

The reader only reports the first error for a given element.

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