Xbmc 11 library not updating

Feel free to disregard this message if you are not experiencing this issue.

Hi, I’ve been using drone for a few months now (Win7, x64).

In order to fix those issues and properly support SMB, the decision was made to drop support for UNC paths.

xbmc 11 library not updating-3

XBMC v13 Gotham has new "Music Brainz ID" integration.

This allows your music metadata to be updated automatically when that data is updated on the Music Brainz database if the music has Music Brainz ID tags.

We’ve also added the useful feature of IP weather look up.

Now, on a clean install of XBMC, users will no longer need to manually enter their weather location.

Add-ons will likely need to be reset (uninstall and then reinstall) if you go from Gotham to Frodo.

Since a little while my update library / nzbtomedia script stopped working. I used to have one of the first versions of this script and it always worked fine until recently.

The same thing happened for several video player apps on the Google Play store.

Because of this, Team XBMC is considering their options.

The provided links should give you all the necessary instructions to add the xml.

In the meantime, we are rebuilding a quick RC2 to resolve the issue, so you are alternatively welcome to wait a brief while until RC2 has been built.

We don't want to remove features or ever charge money for XBMC just to expose it in an app store.

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