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This reduces ad serving latency and reporting discrepancies.

Note that you should clear the checkbox if the HTML snippet is an impression beacon.

When publishers block an advertiser landing page, ad category, or sensitive category, the information at the ad-level is used and so impacts the entire ad group.

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Each HTML snippet in an RTB bid response must render to a single, unique creative, and the click-through URL must be declared.

This click-through URL is checked against the associated creative.

Example 3: An advertiser runs an ad with multiple social network buttons for sharing some content: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Each of these buttons, with their appropriate URLs, counts as a click-through URL and must be declared.

When created, these creatives might have correspondingly dynamic click-through URLs in order to track the relative effectiveness of each permutation, or they might have multiple click-through URLs that lead to different landing pages depending on the user interaction.

With Ad Exchange, we require every creative to have a declared click-through URL in order to enable certain features (e.g., advertiser and advertiser category blocking) and to ensure the quality of the landing page (i.e., scan for inappropriate content).

In this scenario, a dynamic creative is not allowed.

Instead, the marketer should deploy two different creatives and target them via the user interface as two different ads, or use real-time bidding and reply with the specific creative that should serve.

With dynamic creatives, it's not always possible to declare all of the click-through URLs.

To address this, Ad Exchange requires that buyers limit dynamic creatives to a single root advertiser and declare the root advertiser as the landing page.

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