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When not helping clients fulfill their personal relationship goals, she enjoys the Colorado outdoors, capturing life through photography, practicing yoga and hopes to one day manage her first unassisted headstand.

Any date is nerve-racking enough, but the first time meeting someone you've been corresponding with online takes things to a whole other level. Prepare for an exhausting thought spiral that's taxing enough to count as full-on mental exercise. But they're keeping me waiting here, and that's not polite.

If it’s not working now, the likelihood of it suddenly working later is a bet you may not want to place.

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They sit waiting on the bench, just in case another player gets injured, quits the game, or the coach loses interest.

The coach continues to encourage the benched player, making sure they are ready to get in the game if the coach so decides.

If they say they want to see you, but do not take steps to make that happen in a reasonable amount of time, they are telling you they don’t want or have time to see you. think about a time that you’ve ever given someone three chances, did it pay off? Those who want the chance to see you, will make the time and effort.

Listen to what they are showing you and simply release and move on if they are not putting you in the game.

When she’s not busy doing her day job, or out looking for potential dates, she is submitting stories to any magazine or website that will have her.

Her hard work paid off when she won 1st place in the ’s Valentines Day “Mismatched” contest, which led to her blog on The Huffington Post.Now that her professional life is on the rise, she feels strongly that her dating karma will eventually turn around as well, and she will finally find her happy ending.Until then, she will keep kissing the frogs in order to find her prince.,” I’ve come to some conclusions from compiling and analyzing the themes involved in this confusing, frustrating dating experience we now call “benching.”I’ve come to realize that all behavior is a product of reinforcement, either through rewards or punishment.What I see when it comes to benching is the bencher has a track record of connecting with you or asking you out on a date, The same is true for slot-machine makers, who know that a gambler will keep pulling down the lever because the gambler believes that eventually, they will hit something good.My date still hasn't answered, and this level of self-consciousness is transporting me back to middle school. Checking my phone was pointless, though, as my inbox is giving me crickets.

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