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There’s not a lot of information or advocacy groups out there, championing the needs of this subpopulation (I think the hospital social worker sent me home with a self-care brochure…); instead, many caregivers get sucked into the vortex of isolation and stress, struggling to find ways to come up for air.

Connecting with other caregivers and caregiver resources online can be a great way to provide family caregivers with the community and information they need to navigate the highly-individualized stresses of long-term care.

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Studies show that the more you toot your own horn, the more negatively you're evaluated: Self-promoters are not only less liked, but also earn lower salaries and fewer promotions. Many atheists joke that the reason for the season is the tilt of the Earth's axis.

Bragging about yourself violates norms of modesty and politeness -- and if you were really competent, your work would speak for itself. That's funny and all, but it only goes one level deeper than the Christian view. There are only two valid choices for a secular government agency to make, constitutionally, when it comes to allowing religious displays on its property: Allow everyone in, or allow nobody to erect such displays.

This week's "Only in Illinois" offers a look at the holiday offerings in the state's grandest building.

It comes with greetings from all of us at Reboot Illinois that whatever you celebrate this time of year, we hope you do it with people you love. We view the day as a little oasis of fun amid the holiday hubbub.

If you’re like millions of other family caregivers, you worry about your loved one, you feel ill-equipped to provide 24/7 caregiving services, and you feel really, really alone.

Caregiving isn’t exactly a trending topic on Twitter, even though it currently affects over 40 million Americans providing essential support services for disabled family members.But do you know the story of how Festivus actually began?Festivus was started innocently enough in the 1960s in upstate New York.However, for some, dating has lead to disappointment, hurt, and disillusionment.For others who have been through divorce, the fear of "choosing wrong" again interferes with the desire to try. She works with adults with depression and anxiety related issues.

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