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Judged by Margot Livesey, all submissions will be considered for publication.

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And I wanted out as sincerely as I ever wanted out of something that you would never find on a greeting card.

However, it is a realistic thought for a couple in the middle of a fight, after decades of marriage. The husband stands in the bedroom doorway and looks in on his wife, asleep under the covers, and thinks only of her smallness, her vulnerability. He is seized by the fleeting but strong feeling that this is his last night on this earth.

Applications need to include a brief resume, a 20-page writing sample, and a letter explaining your suitability for the experience.

is looking to publish the best essay/short story collection written this year, and they are very upfront about their plan!

Entrants can send in up to 10 poems, although the reading fee increases after the first two poems.

The Grand Prize winner will receive 00 and publication, but the next twenty winners will also be published!

First, its sentimentality is often combined with harsh, but realistic, observations on marriage.

Second, although it has its abstractions: the story is rooted in the commonplace. He thinks about how they have to prepare the house for their children and grandchildren’s visit tomorrow.

is accepting entries for our annual print anthology!

Submissions can be fiction or narrative nonfiction, but they need to be less than 8000 words.

After all, isn’t one of the first things that we learn in writing workshops the old adage Show Don’t Tell?

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