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Churchill enjoyed watching the swans and said that the swans “sang to each other” and “danced minuets with their necks”.

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Colonist II Perhaps an unconventional pet, Colonist II was certainly one of Churchill’s favourites.

His love of horses can be traced back to his position as junior officer in the calvary in the 1890s.

But on top of these he was a certified animal lover - the evidence for which dates back to 1891, when he sold his bicycle to buy a bulldog named “Dodo”. In the pools of Chartwell garden he kept goldfish and golden orfe, and in his later years he would sit for long hours and feed the fish, lost in silent reflection. Hugh Newman, a butterfly breeding expert, to help set it up.

In 1926, when he sold off some of his livestock, he could not bear to part with all his pigs, famously quipping: “I am very fond of pigs. He even looked into the practicalities of keeping kangaroos in his orchard.

Not downstairs, after one has dressed." This does imply a bedroom each, which the Churchills could afford – but even if you’ve just got the one, just take it turns to be the person whose Frosties are consumed horizontally. Eat well "If you want to keep Winston happy," said Clementine, "the first thing is to feed him well.

He must have a good dinner." Men are more likely to don the apron these days than they were back then, so the feeding can take place the other way round too.Don't hog the bathroom Winston prided himself that he could take a bath in three minutes and get dressed in four.This was if he was putting on one of his famous boiler suits, mind – if it was ordinary clothes he took an extra minute. Never take each other for granted Winston never carried cash, so sometimes Clementine had to settle his gambling debt at a card table. Churchill was so distraught he got another dog which looked very similar to Rufus and named him Rufus II.There are several pictures of Churchill and Rufus II together at Chartwell in the post war period.You will gain far more by quietly holding to your convictions.

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