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What do you grab during a grocery store run that can satisfy your sweet tooth?

These are my favorites: Safeway: tartufo cake slice: chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and white chocolate mousse with ganache Harris Teeter: the cannolis--they fill them to order!

Check out Apartment Guide’s full list of suburbs below: 1.

Sometimes you just don't feel like schlepping it to a real bakery for a handmade cupcake decorated with sugared flowers and fondant cutouts.

Is it the $189 million you’re interested in or are you justifying importing your roses because everyone else is doing it?

I was one of those 100 people who left a comment last year, urging Whole Foods to reconsider their strategy with the flowers they are buying.

Somehow, Whole Foods has decided to market its practice of importing South American roses as a kind of missionary endeavor. Last year, the company posted a pro-rose Valentine’s Day story on its blog, featuring a video of children at an afterschool program for the workers at a Colombian rose plantation.

The post generated 100 responses, many from frustrated customers and American flower farmers who wondered why Whole Foods had skipped doing business with rose farms here and devoted 100% of their Valentine’s Day marketing budget to feature and promote imports from Colombia and Ecuador? In fact, The Modest Florist isn’t the only flower-seller who needs to discover American roses. I’m convinced that if Whole Foods chose to support American rose farms, we’d see a major shift in the entire Valentine’s Day industrial complex. This “local sourcing” is done on a region-by-region basis with kudos going to passionate store and floral department managers who develop strong ties to their local farmers. F9282_sb_fbz_button[type="button"]:disabled:focus, . But at the corporate level, and especially during Valentine’s Day, something else is going on altogether. Labeled “Whole Trade,” which is the proprietary corporate branding that Whole Foods puts on imported roses, these blooms are as far from local as you can find. In response to the customer outcry, Whole Foods’ “Global Floral Buyer” Amanda Rainey made a statement and offered this explanation: “Americans bought more than 9 million stems last year!

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