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It could be a compromise or an acknowledgement that nothing is ever going to be perfect, so we should shake on our agreed upon flaws and just try to be happy and make it all work out. It's more just not pretending that anything can be perfect, nor can any one person.It's believing such a thing that gets you worked over and takes you down a path of solemn nights, probably mostly cold ones.It will never go without those blocks of truck and branch to warm the house as best as it can, but as anyone who heats a home with a chimney knows, the warmth does travel to all parts.

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Yamagata: This is one of those like put your windows down, drive, songs of joy. My sort of calling card in music has always been these troubadour of heartbreak, get-your-soul, emotional breakup songs. Yamagata: Almost like Tom Waits and Nick Cave meet Roberta Flack. There's saxophones and banjos and drumming on ladders in the middle of the woods and French spoken word. I keep describing it as if you're thinking of quitting anything then this might be the record for you.

Scroll down and check out her short and medium hairstyles.

However we'd actually like this retreat and approach to play out with the loves that we encounter in our lives is never the way they actually do and it's here where Yamagata draws her greatest inspiration.

She enjoys contemplating the gripes that lovers often have with one another.

It's that complexity - though relative obviousness - that Yamagata brings into her dark-sided tales of love and worry.

She's every bit as familiar with the cold wings of the house, where love retreats and curls up when it has to, shivering through the chilliness, as she is with the spot right in front of the fire that almost gets too cold at times.

It's there, with everything crackling and hearty, where you can easily talk yourself into enjoying the intensity of the wood's working, but there always comes a time - even when you think that it's what you need and want from the fire - when it feels like your eyebrows are starting to burn off your face and you have to scoot back a few feet.

You may just keep scooting back and, before you know it, your nose and toes are getting cold.

He was a recruiter for a small music and sound tech school.

The only way I can describe his appearance is that he looked like the love child of Chris Farley and Guy Fieri; henceforth I will call him Chris Fieri.

At one point it was eight guys and myself in our little group.

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