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And for the record, I'll still buy her albums and attend her concerts. The challenge of being in the public eye is that so much is documented..a running record. It's not fair to the kids when their parents are 50 before they even hit high school. it was probbaly the first time they truly spent time together. There is a British actress named Catherine Shepherd, too. She stood to the side of the stage the whole time and ran to get Brandi's notebook for her when she needed it.When stories don't match then those of us following them question the person's motives and integrity..rightfully so. The stuff on that tumblr looks like the actress...except for the one article link at the top. They stood close together, but weren't kissing.Would love to get Brandi's thoughts - especially since this has struck a chord with us. I did get the feeling that they might've been together, but, when I mentioned it, everyone told me that I was nuts.

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In addition to her talent, she is an incredible human being.

I've been fortunate enough to witness her generosity firsthand. I just feel as though she's been complicit in cleaning up her story because it sounds better to the general public.

Do you have a link to the original video where Catherine was first mentioned? v=L5u6Pz I3Ji8Ok, let’s get this straight once and for all. Brandi’s new girlfriend is Catherine Shepherd, she is a musician/model from London and they have been dating since July and she is freakin’ HOT!!!! v=L5u6Pz I3Ji8Ok, let’s get this straight once and for all. Brandi’s new girlfriend is Catherine Shepherd, she is a musician/model from London and they have been dating since July and she is freakin’ HOT!!!! If you watch the London video of "Follow" she winks at her before she starts the song. But at least this means she probably won't be opening for Brandi anytime soon. I can't imagine Brandi doing that, create an account just to say that.

The person who posted the video a page back with the still shots asking if the dark haired girl was Catherine.... At least from what I've seen of her in pictures. If you watch the London video of "Follow" she winks at her before she starts the song. Sounds more like catherine herself or someone close enough to know.

Baghaei Memorial Statue, Bronze with Concrete Base, 5 Meters height • Relieving on the Wall Across Dr.

Alright, I figured what better use of my morning than to put my investigators hat on. I don't know, just seems weird to be somebody random.

It was also the last time they ever did anything on Youtube. I don't know where she got her info, but somehow she knew. Though I doubt it was Brandi as she's not really big on the whole internet thing from what I can tell (getting more into it lately), so I doubt she'd take the time to create an account for that. Contact info, as previously mentioned:[email protected] find that annoying for some reason.

Well maybe I'm just not very good at sleuthing but I decided to check as well and a quick google of Edstar322 is only showing a blank profile for me. And it's just speculation about the director thing. Create your own way instead of riding the coattails.

I looked up that London video and the users who seemed to have all the info (known they were together since july and knowing how to properly spell her name) was Edstar322. Who goes through all the effort of setting up an account and everything just to name Brandi's gf and say she's "hot." Brandi's gf, that's who!

However, when you look at that users profile, the date that they wrote that comment, was the date they opened the account. This is the user who first mentioned Catherine (Katherine) youtube She sounds American and is really young. Sounds like her or her best friend or maybe Brandi.

Cubic Sculpture master Birth: 1959 Boroojerd (Borujerd) - Iran Education: High School Diploma Boys Fine Arts Technical School, Tehran Student of Faculty of Fine Arts Entrance Year: 1978 Experience Self Employed: Cubic Studio (1990 Present) Blue Green Studio (1985-1990) Adak Studio (1980-1983) Group Exhibitions: • Painting, Takh Jamshid Gallery 1978 • Sculpture, Seihoon Gallery 1986 • Painting & Sculpture, Seihoon Gallery 1988 • Sculpture, The 1st Biennial of Sculptures, Museum of Contemporary Arts 1989 • Painting & Sculpture, Seihoon Gallery 1989 • Sculpture, Seihoon Gallery 1990 • Sculpture, Aftab Gallery 1991 • Sculpture, Seihoon Gallery 1992 • Sculpture, Golestan Gallery 1992 • Painting, Classic Gallery 1993 • Sculpture, Zarabi Gallery 1994 • Sculpture, Golestan Gallery 1994 • Painting & Sculpture, Classic Gallery, Babool 1994 • Sculpture, The masters, masterpiece, Museum of Contemporary Arts 1994 • Sculpture, Golestan Gallery 1995 • Sculpture, Import Development Center, Intl Trade Fair 1995 • Sculpture, Triannual of Iranian Sculptors, Museum of Contemporary Arts 1995 • Painting & Sculpture, Sadabad Museum 1995 • Sculpture, Keyhan Gallery, Fund Raising for Hemophilic Children, 1995 • Sculpture, Golestan Gallery, 100 pieces, 100 Artists, 1996 Individual Exhibitions: • Sculpture, Private, Tehran 1990 • Sculpture, Seihoon Gallery, 1993 • Painting & Sculpture, Classic Gallery, 1993 • Metal Sculpture, Barg Gallery, 1994 • Ceramic & Metal Sculptures, Private, 1995 • Bronze, Ceramic & Metal Sculptures, Private, 1996 Awards: • Sculpture, First prize, National Contest for Tabriz Railway Square • Sculpture, First Prize, National Contest for Naka Pwer Plant Memorial • Sculpture, Second Prize, The 1st biannual of Iranian Sculptors, 1989 • Sculpture, First Prize, Contest for Gonbad Kavoos Entrance Square • One of the 10 top artists of the Contest for Memotial of Halabcheh Tragedi National Projects: • Sculpture of Molana Jalaledin Mohammad Balkhi, Jondi Shapour Univ.

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