Who is james purefoy currently dating

All too often, of course, I’m having to diet, in preparation for a film or television part.

I go on a diet that relates to the character I’m playing.

No matter, though, as I put the time to good use by going for a mooch along Chiswick High Road, which is blessed with possibly the finest selection of independent food shops in the capital, along Turnham Green Terrace: Macken Brothers the butchers, Andreas Georghiou the greengrocer, Covent Garden Fishmongers and, of course, Mortimer and Bennett for marvellous cheeses.

Then a walk around Ravenscourt Park, which is unique in having one terrific café within its grounds, and another just outside, both called Fait Maison.

I go in there and indulge in what can only be described as cake porn, ogling all these beautiful creations that have been made with such love and care and individual attention.

Unfortunately, I went into work one morning without having had any sleep.

I’d been to a party where I’d been given the elbow by my then girlfriend and had sat up the whole night fretting about it.

You don’t get the sense of wealth there, like you do in Dorset or Devon; stand on a hill in south Somerset and you see lots of small farms, with small farmhouses attached; no big, prosperous country residences.

I went to the local public school, Sherborne, and left with one O-Level, though I maintain that was the teachers’ fault, not mine, as I then went to the local, state-run technical college and got 10 more O-Levels in next to no time.

He’s 14 now, and thankfully, after years of watching kids’ films like G-Force (it’s about a squad of hamster detectives), we’re starting to see slightly more grown-up movies, during which I don’t doze off.

Later, my girlfriend Jessica (Adams, the television producer) and I will probably have friends around for dinner.

We smoke cigars and yes, we do play for money; poker means nothing unless losing actually hurts.

Come Sunday morning, Jessica and I like to read the newspapers; I prefer the heavyweights, but she likes the red-tops; she claims her brain is so heavily used during the working week that she can’t cope with anything more complicated.

No doubt it’s all different at Sherborne now; I expect mine were the bad old days.

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