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A lot of people don’t get that but I’ve always remained humble, been nice to the right people.I’ve got to keep practicing, to be better and then people will still want to see me do it.

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He told his 235,000 followers on the social networking site: “I wanna thank everybody that has been there to help me in making the decision which I know is so right for me.” He tweeted on Wednesday morning: “Today’s the day, see you all on the other side.” By Joe Nerssessian, Press Association Once asked if she resembled her portrayal of the dippy Alice Tinker in real life, The Vicar Of Dibley star Emma Chambers rejected the comparison with the words: “I’m a cynical old bitch”.

Q: You recently finished a run as Reecey in the Madness inspired musical Our House... I think people see me as a bit of a golden boy who don’t cause too much trouble.

We’ve got a little flat together while we’re in Ipswich which is nice.

It’s hard (being away from loved ones at Christmas) and a lot of people don’t do panto for that reason; sometimes you’re so far away.

I absolutely love panto, if I could do it every year I would. The best thing about (this show) is it’s a little boy panto; the main part isn’t a princess or Cinderella and little boys love that.

The Prince Charming stuff’s fun as well but I’d prefer to be Jack or Robin Hood, where I can be the lead hero and integrate what I do into that - breakdancing, flips, freestyling I love doing that, Q: You rose to fame after winning the second series of Britain’s Got Talent, dancing in the final to Mint Royale’s memorable version of Singin’ in the Rain. It’s coming on 10 years but I think just the difference to my lifestyle emakes it feel even more like a lifetime ago.Even 10 years on I’m still doing amazing things thanks to the show and I owe it.If the show can go on and do that for other people I love that.The fame game, I’m absolutely loving it but you know what it’s like for anyone in my position it could all end tomorrow. We met two years ago on panto and we’ve done shows every year.Q: Your girlfriend, Lauren Grice, is in Jack and The Beanstalk too... She auditioned last year for Enchanted Entertainment and they asked this year if she wanted to audition for the good fairy.Obviously it did, it helped my family out financially massively and it changed lots of things. I knew it changed my life, I just didn’t know to what extent.

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