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I feel guilty that I gave up Hollywood and yet I don’t.

I married the most wonderful man, I married my veterinarian. I have the man I love and I have the life I love...

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Nonetheless, she turned her back on Hollywood relatively early in her career.

She was a rebellious spirit who liked to dance barefoot and smoke grass – not behaviour the studio bosses approved of.

I was very new in the business and he was so understanding.

I remember I was sick for a couple of days and he sent me a box of the complete works of Thomas Wolfe,” she recalls.

She wasn’t steeped in method acting and felt she was too artless and understated to please the reviewers. Novak had already appeared opposite Frank Sinatra in Otto Preminger’s The Man with the Golden Arm (1955), a moody black and white drama about a heroin addict, and she went on to work with Billy Wilder on Kiss Me, Stupid (1964).

Sinatra treated her with extreme kindness on The Man with the Golden Arm but was then (she recalls) an utter “cad” on Pal Joey (1957.)“He was so kind and so gentle [on The Man with the Golden Arm].

However, on Pal Joey, he was playing a womanising ne’er-do-well and was clearly keen to get in character.“It was understandable in retrospect.

When he did The Man with the Golden Arm, he was trying to get back on the top of his game and really working hard.

Last month, the star of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958), which was last year voted the greatest film of all time by Sight and Sound’s critics, was in Cannes for a special screening of the film.

“I expected it to be much wilder,” Novak says of the festival.

She makes clear that being a Hollywood star in the studio era required a ferocious discipline. The rewards were that you learned so much about how to be glamorous, how to dress, how to do make-up, how you presented yourself.

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