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Continue reading: Pete's Dragon Review Pete is a young boy who lives in the forest, not many little boys would survive in the wilderness alone, but Pete has a HUGE force on his side, one that most people wouldn't ever believe.

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Continue: Pete's Dragon - Teaser Trailer Rick is one of the hottest screenwriters in Hollywood but after the death of his brother he finds himself becoming absorbed into a world of parties, drinking and excess.

Parties are part of the norm for Rick but after the loss of his brother he finds himself evaluating his life and what it all means.

Four leading actors coming together has the potential to be a battle of egos.

I’m at a point now, though, where my level of fame is absolutely perfect. I will have a photo with someone and not know it’s happened because they’ll just walk up and go *pap* like you’re a statue. After this series wraps, would you be happy for your legacy to be , a Christopher Nolan movie, and he’s doing really well. He said this to me, that people always go ‘you’re the guy from that movie’.

Okay, so astute fans will have guessed who it is by now, but it's about time we had confirmation and the eighth episode (unambiguously titled 'The Ten Commandments Killer') certainly gave it and then some.

Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) has spent the entire season hunting down the supposed Ten Commandments Killer only discover that it was himself all along.These were four people with equally strong opinions who are forced together against their will to work together. Whether one person emerges as a leader from that group is yet to be seen. If you have ‘stars’ involved – film stars, movie stars, TV stars – you’re always concerned with what that will do to the dynamic of the project. I spent a great many years doing films that, despite me thinking they might be good or vaguely interesting, didn't get seen. There is an elite group of people who do one or two movies a year and at least one of them will be in cinemas. But I have to say I’m pretty grateful for the current situation. It was more interesting that it was an ensemble, and it was about each of them recognising what the others bring to the table. Maybe this doesn’t change, but I don’t feel like a star, I just happen to lead a TV show. I’m in a TV show that is seen that allows me to work. No one believes his fanciful tales of life with a dragon, just like they didn't believe Grace's father (Robert Redford) decades ago.But Grace's sparky daughter Natalie (Oona Laurence) does. What follows is a fairly low-key adventure, as various factors come into play, mixing threats against this primordial forest with threats against Pete's bond with Elliot.It's a simple structure that immediately resonates with the audience, mainly because director-cowriter David Lowery keeps everything within the realm of believability.

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