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חופי תאילנד ידועים בקסם שלהם ומושכים אליהם תיירים רבים מרחבי העולם שבאים להנות מהמסיבות ומהשקט.

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We continue to offer support to those affected by this.” Falder committed the offences over eight years and never physically met his victims, instead blackmailing them over the internet.

He duped many into sending naked images of themselves by posing as a female artist seeking photos to turn into life drawings.

Police said yesterday that many of those who showed up at the door were prepared with condoms and additional pornography.

One even brought a Web cam to the residence to record his exploits.

A female officer even posed as a teen in the residence and alluringly beckoned suspects from a window.

But instead of a willing teen girl, they were greeted by middle-aged cops with guns.

“The crime of soliciting children over the Internet is a growing crime that has parents around the nation very concerned,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Large-scale busts, he said, were essential to stemming the problem.

Police said some grew suspicious once they pulled up to the house and departed, with one man circling the residence 15 times before opting out of his scheduled meeting.

Winckelmann, Johnson and Vigoda were not among those who went to the home.

Neighbors in Johnson’s apartment complex were surprised by the accusations and described him and his family as quiet and respectful. “You just never know what people are up to once they get in front of that computer screen with no one watching.

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