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The infant will transmit the infection to the mother.Most of the time, this infection is localized to the area of the nipple.

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Some infections are transmitted through the nipple, especially if irritation or injury to the nipple has occurred.

In these circumstances, the nipple itself can become infected with Candida that is present in the mouth of the breastfeeding infant.

A poor latch results in insufficient nipple stimulation to create the let down reflex.

The nipple is poorly stimulated when the baby latches on too close to the tip of the nipple.

A person may find out they have breast cancer after a routine mammogram.

Warning signs can be: One reason for the development of cracked and sore nipples is the incorrect latching-on of the infant to the nipple.This poor attachment can cause sore and cracked nipples and a reluctance of the mother to continue to breastfeed.After the birth of the infant, the milk supply increases based upon the continuous and increasing stimulation of the nipple by the infant.This contraction of milk is called the “let-down reflex.” Latching on refers to the baby fastening onto the nipple to breastfeeding.A good attachment is when the bottom of the areola (the area around the nipple) is in the baby's mouth and the nipple is drawn back inside his or her mouth.In humans, nipples of both males and females can be stimulated as part of sexual arousal.

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