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1: Open up "Control Panel" and navigate your way to "Programs and Features".2: Click "View installed updates" on the left hand side.3: Find the update KB929777 and uninstall it.4: Attempt to install the update again in Windows Update5: Once successful, restart your PC.___________________Or if that doesn't work... If "KB929777" isn't required, did you install the others suggested? I have the new I7 chip, biostar 790 chipset, 3GB of DDR3 and Vista Ultimate.See the registry edit at the link below: this helps. Other than: "I can't check for updates and it gives me the error message 8000ffff.", that's all we know about your computer. And since you didn't mention trying the multiple suggestions in the third party link I provided, I'll suggest you try them.. who tells me that one week from now i wont have the same problem? I have already tried uninstalling the Windows update and then reinstalling it...didn't work.Apparently, changing the system's date to one that is older than fixes the issue temporarily, but the only other option that Windows 7 users appear to have at this point is to wait for Microsoft to publish an update that corrects the issue.

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It happened three years ago in November 2014 to Windows XP and Server 2003 customers who could not use Windows Updates anymore either.

Back then, only some machines were affected by the issue while others had a different expiry date so that updating worked fine on those.

Installed the "reliability updates" from the link below? forum ID=133&thread ID=259563&message ID=2558157#2558157In the meantime, since you don't have KB929777 installed, please click on the link below, download it to your desktop, then double click on the file to run it..

Specifically, shutting down the Windows Update Service, then renaming "Software Distribution to Sdold" etc. Grif I had the same problem, after days looking the net for a solution i gave up and call microsoft. the first day and 1.h the second) they told me to format my computer. I have tried the regedit command line...didn't work.

To be fair, we don't know if the file is causing the issue, but it is clear that its expiry date coincides with the beginning of the issue.

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It is unclear if all Windows 7 systems are affected by the issue, or if only a subset of systems are affected.

Woody on Computerworld suggests that Microsoft broke updating on Windows 7.

I will decline writing over and over why this is so.

See if that fixes the issue: If it still fails, see the link below for some other possibilities: Grif Microsoft reserves some patches from being applied to the OEM version.

After going through the setup of the brand new PC, I found that I couldn't run updates. There is a program running on your computer in the background that was previously installed as a windows update but stops your windows update itself.

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