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“If not for Italy, I promise, there would be civil war in Nigeria,” a migrant told me.Last year, after Nigeria’s currency collapsed, more Nigerians crossed the sea than people of any other nationality. built a series of fences in Morocco and started paying coastal African nations to keep migrants from reaching European waters.

The men who enter debt bondage come from all over Africa, but the overwhelming majority of females fit a strikingly narrow profile: they are teen-age girls from around Benin City, the capital of Edo State, in southern Nigeria—girls like Blessing.

I visited Nigeria last fall, during the coronation of the new Oba, the traditional ruler of the Edo people, who will preside over spiritual matters until his death.

In 1897, after the Edo slaughtered a British delegation, colonial forces, pledging to end slavery and ritual sacrifice, ransacked the city and burned it to the ground.

Today, Nigeria is Africa’s richest country, but the money that is set aside for public infrastructure is often embezzled or stolen by government officials.

People in the center would suffer chemical burns if the fuel leaked and mixed with water.

Those straddling the sides could easily fall into the sea.Blessing’s older brother, Godwin, began repairing cars in Uwelu. When Blessing was thirteen or fourteen, she dropped out of school and started an apprenticeship with a tailor, but he wanted money to train her, and after six months he let her go.She was despondent, and believed that she had no future.The Edo, like other groups in the region, practiced traditional rituals involving local gods, which the Europeans called juju, a name that spread across West Africa; as Christian missionaries converted most of southern Nigeria, juju persisted as a set of parallel beliefs.By the late eighteen-hundreds, the British had colonized much of Nigeria, but the Oba engaged them in a trade war and refused to allow them to annex his kingdom.A dirt path at the western end of the market leads to a shack where I saw a middle-aged woman dressed in purple selling chips, candy, soda, and beer. Her father was a bricklayer, but he died in a car accident when Blessing was a little girl.

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