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If you think that I missed any useful code, please feel free to write us.We will respond with a solution with in couple of days and publish here to make it available for all VBA Users.I bet other people reading this will have ideas for more ways to update links or avoid updating them.

I'd like to automatically update links without asking. However, in the meantime I found the reason (although I am still wondering why it's different in the new setup), The Excel sub called from the calls another excel Sub, which opens another file.

This here works, but displays the box, which should be avoided: Set xl Book = xl App. So I added there in that Excel sub Update Links:=1 and now ir works fine without asking So I'm happy now :-) Hi, open the workbook manually, and do this: On the "Data" Tab in the "Connections" Group Click "Edit Links" Click "Startup Prompt" Click the button next to "Don't display the alert and update links Click OK Click "Close" Then your original code should work.

Or if you want to disable the prompt before your macro opens your workbook, and enable it immediately thereafter, put this in your macro: Note, arguments for Update Links: 0 Does not update any references.

1 Updates external references only, not remote references.

More questions John, first what are you doing with workbook B when you open it? Close (True) 'You must add a reference to the Microsoft outlook Library Dim Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Dim strbody As String Set Out App = Create Object("Outlook. Screen Updating = False ' turn off the screen updating 'Make path selections below ..workbook to open Set wb = Workbooks.

Retrieving data can be done from a closed workbook without the links updating I think(don't quote me) why would you not want the links to update? Open("f:\Temp\Social Club.xls", True, True) ' Set wb = Workbooks. Path & "\Social Club.xls") ' the sheet in this workbook to copy to With This Workbook.

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heres the code: Set wb = Get Object("F:\Funding Team\S5\Unfunded Template\Unfunded Template.xls") Application. I assume from this and your other post that your trying to open a different workbook. Screen Updating = True ' turn on the screen updating End Sub It looks like your trying to open a closed workbook, retrieve data, send the retrieved info in an email.....sound about right?

Display Alerts = False This works, however, it takes a long time and seems to be updating the links anyway. Could you please give some idea ( a layout per se) of what your trying to do.

In Excel versions 2007 or after, from your worksheet press Alt F11, then press Ctrl R, find your workbook name in the “Project – VBAProject” left vertical pane, expand the Microsoft Excel Object folder for your workbook, right-click on This Workbook and left-click to select View Code.

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