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In its essence this scent is more like a bouquet of spring flowers. Flowery, Foggyly smooth: brings to mind an image as oils smoothly fall. A bit lily of the valley -kind, some other flowers. Not the worst, I'd have gladly used this when I was young. The fact that it is still a very feminine scent makes it a perfect getaway for change. Blind bought this today and was pleased when I opened the Amazon delivery.

I also like its golden colour and the elegant bottle though it would be much better if the lid was made of glass instead of plastics. It’s true to it’s name, it really does smell like you’re walking down 5th Avenue in NYC shopping or on a film set!

It's also the biggest bottle of perfume ( the 125 ml or 3,4 oz one ) that I've managed to finish in such a brief time, in only 6 months and I loved every bit of it.

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This is a mere dupe for Pleasures if someone could not afford Pleasures try this I looked up the batch code from my bottle and it’s a (2012) bottle this does last 12 plus hours with good sillage. This is a beautiful smell, 5th Avenue does smell very close too Pleasures but considering I hate Pleasures with a passion yet I love this I much prefer this beauty over Pleasures. Although i would consider it more of a day fragrance, it could be worn at night nicely too. I wonder about the rest if the flankers, there are so many. I detect a lot of lilac, which I love, plus other light sweet floral notes including lily-of-the-valley.

They smells a lot like each other but I adore 5th Avenue it’s stunning. i wouldnt have ever tried this perfume if it was not sent to me along with a lot of perfumes in a perfume lot i got off ebay. Floral loving girls, you'll almost definitely love this. I took a second look at this I thought is was a bit old, I think it might be a bit heavy for a teen... My first thoughts were - proper champagne, the taste is how it smells, no bite, rounded edges, not overtly creamy as such. Have a look if budget requires you to be frugal, it's well worth it. If you just go by what the nozzle smells like you'll get a sharp aldehyde blegh... 5th Avenue isn't too sweet though, making it a perfect office scent.

However, in my estimation the buy carries a great value for money. It’s a really lovely luxury sophisticated scent but at a very fair price tag and the bottle looks great on a dressing table.

For the price and the quality of the scent I am super impressed and am on the hunt to try out more Arden scents as I really believe you get a bang for your buck! It smells almost identical to Elizabeth Arden Splendor to me. Beautiful floral, slight sparkling adelhydes quality. Pretty, springy, reminds me of a flower shop a wealthy lady like the last reviewer said.

I blind bought this perfume based on these reviews. It's surprisingly fresh (citrus) but elegant and young. I immediately saw a young woman dressed in white on a swing somewhere in the countryside, showered with the sunny spells. In fact, every single note listed here should work.appear in all my favorites.

I still think of the innocence but I find it also quite romantic. However, there is something in this that turns my stomach. It is long lasting and you can smell the sweet lilac the whole day, in a pleasant and not disturbing way.

My tastes run more to stronger, more pungent scents, I guess.

2nd review, I have been wearing this a few days and the notes I pick up the strongest is Lily and Lilly of the valley. Lily and lilac notes stand out very much in this scent which is very nice and sweet.

I wore the vintage original back in '96, '97 and '98 and think that there are some slight differences and tweaks.

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