Updating sys servers

But clients from countries where Internet connectivity is sporadic will be discouraged from boarding the Cloud. IT powerhouse India still has sporadic Internet connectivity.The general speed of the Internet is still very poor.Personal Computers were meant to empower individuals, make them more independent and productive.

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A case point is that of Amazon Web Services, a flagship of the cloud computing model.

Amazon Web Services quietly booted whistleblowing website Wikileaks off their cloud computing servers. Looks like Amazon Web Services is also a flagship of the American government.

Major ISPs have come under fire for spying on their customer’s P2P networks on behalf of the Recording Industry.

Can these ISPs be trusted with sensitive traffic to and from the Cloud?

“It actually makes no sense for the way we communicate today.” And before reaching the Cloud, your data will pass through American ISPs that provide the Cloud with uptime.

It could be intercepted by State Agencies even before it reaches the Cloud.The infrastructure is so haphazard that most Indian Internet subscribers prefer the limited speeds of wireless mobile Internet from the cell phone companies, rather than trust the cable/landline infrastructure.In addition, uninterrupted supply of electricity is still unrealised in India.They keep their own backup power generation on site.Adopting any trend that makes them more dependent on state infrastructure will require more than a leap of faith.For example, Congressmen in the United States are pushing for bills that can shutdown/limit Internet traffic in the event of war, so that the sheeple stick to their prescribed content on television.

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