Updating road angel

I must point out, I never read instructions in any way to start with, the Road Angel is a doddle to use and even a technophobe would not have a problem with the Road Angel.The Road Angel has been pre-set with the best set up of default settings and if you wanted you would never need to play with the additional settings, its a true plug and go unit.

An audible alert tone is emitted, the frequency increasing with proximity.

Once the location is passed the unit returns to standby.

MOBILE: For temporary mobile cameras (often motorway roadwork's) Speedmaster DS2 and also user known laser sites.

AVERAGE: For SPECS average speed detection cameras.

When you approach a stored location the display gives you an ADVANCED WARNING, the LCD display turns from green to red and the type of danger is highlighted.

The bar counter starts to count up as the danger area gets closer.Store stores the settings and new speedtraps or warnings.On the back of the unit are 4 connections, 12v dc in for Power, Auxiliary Port for the, Computer Serial Port for updates and connecting a laptop to for navigation and an Ear Piece connector for bikers.For navigation you need something like Autoroute or Tom Tom Maps and a Notebook and then the Road Angel will give the computer a NIME signal that the software uses to track you.You also use the supplied cable to connect the two together.Road Angel can store up to 50,000 unique locations and uses complex heading software so it only alarms in the direction the camera faces, reducing false alerts.

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