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It automatically detects the type of flash ROM on your system, so usage is also simple as demonstrated below: Another open source program you may find useful as a reference is uniflash.Also considering the privileged position of the BIOS in the system, it's worth noting this NIST guideline on BIOS protection guidelines for servers.

One could also use a little space for your own stateful settings on systems that don't have any, like netboot systems for example.

This assumes of course, the BIOS leaves some space unused.

However this method also precludes the very useful functionality of being able to update the BIOS remotely, and is much more awkward than using the host operating system itself to do the update.

Now some manufacturers are starting to provide linux tools to update their firmware, especially on servers which may have many flash ROM chips.

The HF/50MHz All-mode transceiver TS-480HX/SAT firmware has been updated from Version 1.06 to Version 1.07 as follows.

We are offering the firmware updating program to the TS-480HX/SAT owners.

For example IBM provide various tools to update their xseries servers, and I've used these successfully since 2003.

Also Dell are starting to provide desktop and server tools, and also a live CD for flashing the BIOS.

Windows is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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