Updating our decor

Watching these videos beforehand proved to be very helpful, since we knew what to expect.

I definitely recommend watching these helpful videos if you are going to tackle Granite Film installation.

This brings me to my little “oopsy” moment – and a tip for those that have wallpaper.

Keeping the surface of the counters wet allows the film to be moved around and re-positioned if necessary, which is helpful since I did need to pull it off and adjust placement a few times while applying.

Application is pretty simple aside from a few areas that proved to be a bit more challenging. I basically cut a rough hole in the film that would accommodate the sink and faucet, and came back at the end to trim it up neatly with the razor knife.

The room is just not at all our style, and is very dated.

Finally, 3 years after moving in, we are slowly starting to update the kitchen. Then, we replaced our old off-white appliances with new stainless steel appliances, which made a huge difference.

Corners and edges also proved to be challenging areas as well, but patience, a blow-dryer, and my razor knife proved to be all I needed to get those areas looking great.

The blow-dryer helps to melt the film a bit, making it mold better to give you a nice and crisp edge.

Whatever you need, we're committed to making your church or sanctuary beautiful!

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I learned this the hard way from tearing off a few pieces of my wallpaper near the sink at the beginning of the application process. If you have wallpaper I would suggest misting it with water as well so the film doesn't stick to it. Unless you get very close up and inspect the counter you would never notice that it isn't real granite – or notice the seams. I am very pleased with EZ Faux Décor Granite Film and I would definitely recommend it if you want to update your counters, but don't want to drop a couple thousand dollars.

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