Updating modem for bellsouth dating hypnosis guide us

However, I want to set up two laptops to use ports 2 and 3.

Additional things I've tried - resetting the modem to factory defaults, checking cabling, disabling firewall and anti-virus, calling tech-support. Also do you even get as far as being given an IP address on the other laptops from the router?

These are some of the things I'd look at for starters albeit if you've called their tech support I'm sure they've done this already. I don't think I'm getting as far as what you're asking.

updating modem for bellsouth-34

OK - finally got a call back from the ISP - they've changed to factory default software to be their own settings - which is the first port for DSL and the other three for future use (something video).

The tech told me to set my computer ip to and then I could get to the router and reconfigure...

If you are getting an address, can the laptops ping each other or the router default gateway?

Do you know if the router has abuiltin firewall too that needs modifing/updating?

'When all else fails......the manual' Sounds like your modem is in bridge mode.

If in bridge mode and PPPoe type server, most ISP's require username and password to get on line with the DSL.

If you have more than one entry for a modem and/or modem wave device, then delete all entries for modems, including any modem wave device entries and start the reinstallation process again for your modem.

Good luck, Whelk Hi Whelk, I apologize for taking so long to reply back. What apparently caused the dial-network to be unable to detect the modem was related to a bad install of 98 when 95 was upgraded to 98.

I reset the modem, but as soon as I connect the DSL line and check the IP Config, the default gateway changes to the ISP, instead of the that the manual tells me to use to reach and configure the modem. On the PC that connects to the itnernet ok - Go to a command promt (start, run, type command)then run a trace route:eg. this is what I get: Tracing route to lb1ms.[2.30]over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 9 ms 8 ms 8 ms starco-r1-f0-0-1.[] 2 9 ms 9 ms 8 ms istar-r1-f1-0-0.[] 3 * * * Request timed out. The first line still looks like an IP belonging to my ISP, not the router... PS - either way, I then put that address in internet explorer - I get "The page cannot be displayed - cannot find server error.

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