Updating hardy to intrepid

If you already have a 1.x tree or an existing 2.x tree, you can use the upgrade instructions at [1], with the added note that Cygwin should be upgraded to the latest version.

In cygwin run "cygcheck -c" and check the cygwin entry is 1.5.25-11 or later.

As of Apr08, Cygwin is not supported on Windows Vista.

updating hardy to intrepid-6

If you try updating in this way, and you see conflicts with some deprecated packages, send me an email ([email protected]), and I'll add them to the conflicts list so that they get removed when the updated tools are installed.

These conflicts should be OK so long as you remove any old packages; they are due to a change in the names of the updated packages installing into the same locations as the outdated ones.

A large number of Tiny OS users, upgrade their cygwin packages at least monthly from cygnus.

However, since we can't test what packages are compatible as they become available daily, we can't confirm that today's set will work. On windows, if you get an error claiming that the rpm was intended for a cygwin_nt-5.1 operating system and you're indeed on a windows computer, bypass the erroneous error by using 'rpm -ivh --ignoreos rpmname'.

However the desktop version of LTS releases before 12.04 were supported for only three years.

Releases 14.04, and 16.04 are the current LTS releases.

The first way is to install a live CD that gives you a virtualized Linux with a complete Tiny OS install.

Note that since this is on a CD, you can't modify anything; you can, however, make a Live USB device to use as your Tiny OS install.

As with the previous rpms, if you get an error claiming that the rpm was build for an NT computer and you're on a windows NT computer, bypass the erroneous error by using 'rpm -ivh --ignoreos rpmname'.

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