Updating gentoo

Needless to say, you need to be root for all these steps.

Also note that if you get compilation errors with libtool complaining about gbm stuff, this is due to libtool getting confused. Next step is making sure the kernel has the right configuration.

The workaround is to run "eselect opengl xorg-x11", then emerge mesa, then "eselect opengl amdgpu-pro", and then continue whatever you were doing before. Note that you must ensure that you are running a 4.9 kernel, which may mean you must manually accept its keyword.

However, note that the cards mentioned at this link are all desktop cards. If you don't know how to do this, see here or here.

If you are setting up a workstation, you can check the type of microarchitecture of your card here and then refer to the previous list, considering that the driver works on cards starting from GCN first generation. Inside the overlay, create the category "x11-drivers", and inside this the directory "amdgpu-pro".

Here’s why: At least when I installed Gentoo there wasn’t really any installer.

The documentation is excellent and describes exactly what you need to do, but it takes a while.analysis batch migration Business Cuzimatter development Django Email encoding Free BSD guide helpdesk internet i Phone i Report Java Joomla Linux LTSP Mac OS X maintenance My SQL OFC open source Parallels performance PHP PR review Saa S Scalix security social bookmarking startup success stories support symfony Technology Ubuntu usability web Wire Load Word Press Yahoo Yippie Move Yippie Move Complete Over the last year I have run a server using the Linux flavor Gentoo.While most of the servers I deal with these days run Free BSD (Wire Load’s servers included), I was curious about what speed I could get out of old hardware with Gentoo. There are things I really like about Gentoo: the package management, USE flags and the sophisticated dependencies system.In fact, it took me several hours to set up my first Gentoo system. The strength of Gentoo is the compile everything mentality – at least that seems to be the main selling point.Unfortunately on my low-end test server it took about three days to compile even the base system with Apache, My SQL, Python and some other important software.However, if you recompile the kernel, you will need to reinstall the dkms module.

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