Updating electrical outlets

Other problems for replacing outlets come from forgetting to reattach a wire or attaching it in the wrong place.

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Here's how: First, turn off the power to the circuit you'll be working on.

Take off the cover plate and unscrew the outlet from the box. At the back of the GFCI are screw terminals marked "load" and "line." The single screw at the bottom is the grounding screw.

An easy goof comes when replacing a plug-in receptacle, half of which has been controlled by a wall switch.

Even if the upgrader is aware that the outlet has been switched in this way and duplicates the exact connections of the old one, they may not know to break off the metal tab on the "hot" side of the new receptacle, which isolates the top and bottom halves.

But a GFCI won't work unless it's properly connected.

If your electrical system has not been upgraded for 20 years or more, you probably need to install GFCIs.Again, make sure that both wires are on the "line" side.Wrap the bare copper wire around the grounding screw and tighten it.Instead, two particular blacks should connect to the non-green terminals at one end of the switch and the third to the other end, like they were on the old switch.You may have to try up to three combinations before you get all things working right.Hint: attach the two wires which come from the same cable as each other to the two screws that are the same color as each other.

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