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But before they could get to asking the awkward questions, they first had to win the confidence of potential interviewees.

Each had their own tactics, but it could start with striking up a friendly, innocuous conversation with a stranger in the High Street.

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Dubbed Little Kinsey, after the groundbreaking Kinsey Report into the secret sex lives of American men in 1948, this was the UK's first nationwide sex survey.

And it went a step further than its American counterpart by including women among its respondents.

His poem Annus Mirabilis famously links the start of the sexual revolution with the "Beatles' first LP".

But the results of a survey into sexual attitudes and behaviour, conducted 14 years earlier, reveal the British had developed a hearty lust for sexual experimentation. In these liberated times, when sex is almost a constant undercurrent of everyday life, it's hard to imagine how much of a taboo sex once was.

They saw their wives as pure, but could have sex with a prostitute who would fit any bill they wanted to design for her, she says.

"They could abuse her or they could have any kind of kinky sex or use bad language and that was the only way that they could be potent." The war too is thought to have contributed to the high number of homosexual experiences logged in the survey.

The effect, says sexologist Dr Hera Cook, only perpetuated people's discomfort about sex.

"That meant that people could go on denying pre-marital sex existed," she says, "that men had homosexual experiences, that they went to prostitutes, that the old sexual morality was still intact when in fact it was crumbling all around them and a new modern sex world was emerging." Little Kinsey will be shown on BBC Four on Wednesday 5 October, at 2200 BST.

The findings show that the prim and proper faade of post-war Britain hid some remarkable truths about sexual attitudes and experience.

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