Udating to latest ubuntu version

These builds are usually used by testers and developers.

Each upgrade looks to add new features and make old features work better.

What is different with Ubuntu is that you have the option of two updates at any time : This update is available every 6 months and is only supported by Canonical with updates for 9 Months.

udating to latest ubuntu version-28

In this guide, I have provided three different ways to upgrade Ubuntu latest version, which is Ubuntu 17.10.

This is the official and recommended method to upgrade your previous Ubuntu version to the latest available version.

Good thing is we can either configure the system to update all packages or just install the security updates.

Ubuntu as with any other operating system is constantly looking to improve and better it's usage and performance.

If you want to upgrade from non-LTS to next available version, for example Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 LTS, refer the following guide.

Please note that the following guide is tested for Ubuntu 16.10, but those steps will work on latest and older Ubuntu versions as well.Ubuntu 17.10 is non-LTS, so you can refer the above link to Ubuntu from Ubuntu 17.04 to Ubuntu 17.10.Please remember that you can’t skip distribution upgrade.This is usually done by copying the new libraries over the old ones in the / partition.It's much the same as the old XP Repair install where it copied the windows directory over the top of itself to try and resolve system issues without a clean install. It's where you format the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and start again from scratch.For more details about this release, check the official releases notes.

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