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I have to say I love the scene when they say goodbye - three possible scenarios are given.It isn't until the last one that it's 'just right.' It completely reminds me of a 1950s teen version of the fairytale/fable ' Goldilocks and the three bears.' Funny, not particularly effective and very, very kitsch.

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See full summary » Woody's friend George has given him a couples ticket to the upcoming Hi-Teen Carnival at their high school.

As such, Woody, who has always just hung out with friends in groups, contemplates asking a girl out on a date for the first time in his life, but being inexperienced, he doesn't know how to go about it or how to act on the date. The prettiest girl or the most outgoing girl may not be the best choice, but rather the girl with who he thinks he would have the best time may be.

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