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If you don't like black comedy, this opening sequence will turn you off immediately.

This soon gives way to melancholy when the tragedy unfolds, which is about as much of a stark contrast as you can get.

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The story begins on Louis Drax's 9th birthday, when a lifetime of curious mishaps culminates in the boy's near-fatal fall.

Desperate to reveal the strange circumstances behind the young boy's accident and dark coincidences that have plagued his entire life, Dr.

Almost the entire movie is bathed in a dreamy glow, both the moments in dream or flashback, and the current events.

It generally gave a very ethereal quality to everything.

The movie opens with a montage of Louis' life told from a black comedy angle.

Obviously what happens to him isn't exactly nice, but it's played for laughs.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was also open to and prepared for something a bit off-the-wall.

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The way this all comes to light can be a little hard to swallow, and doesn't take the time to explain itself, namely telepathy and the ability to talk to the dead.

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