Torrie wilson and dawn marie dating

Here is where I would have loved to see Torrie talk in-depth about different things she’s done, different people she’s worked with; these are all touched upon but not in detail.

She recalls that once, she and Dawn were in the lockerroom and Dawn was fiddling through her bag when Sable walked in.

Sable went up to Dawn and said, “Dawn can you come here, I want you to stand witness to this.” She then told Torrie, “My Playboy sold better than yours.” Torrie laughs recalling the situation and in turn, the viewer does too.

Hearing her talk about her career for the first time like this, it took me back to where I was when such-and-such happened or remembering updating my now neglected fansite with such news.

The one and a half hour long shoot and the “face-off” between Torrie and Dawn that follows it, was a great watch for me as an avid Torrie fan but even I felt a little unsatisfied.

For example, Torrie and Trish Stratus knew each other before they worked together in WWE through fitness modelling.

After starting with WCW, Torrie had a photoshoot with Trish who wanted to get into wrestling and Torrie tried to pull some strings to have Trish join WCW.A really touching part of the interview for me was when Torrie talked about how Mickie James showed her respect as a veteran.When talking about the multitude of battle royals WWE books the Divas in, she talks about how when the Divas are planning out the match and figuring out who’s going out first, Mickie always stands up for Torrie and says: “Torrie’s been here longer than any of you combined, she’s not going out first.” Torrie also talks about how Sable and her got along when Sable was first brought in but after they did their joint Playboy cover (in March 2004), Sable changed and they had a huge ‘blowout fight’ in the office with Jim Ross and John Laurinitaus with the rest of the lockerroom listening in!and then when it came to booking for television, they ended up in bikini contests or pudding matches and such.There’s not a lot of focus on her later years, I feel Torrie had her best year of wrestling in 2006, showing vast improvements and having great matches with Mickie, Lita and Victoria. Arguably, Torrie is the top Diva in Smack Down history, but no mention of that.A very intriguing part of the interview, but then we go right back to skipping through Torrie’s career from start to end without much detail.

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