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Typically, the user selects a master record from a list or a grid, and the application drills down to show all the available fields. NET 2.0, the Details View control fulfills this role and is the ideal complement to the Data Grid and Grid View controls that we examined in the previous chapter.

Displaying the contents of a single record is a common and necessary practice when you build master/detail views.

Therefore, this article (part three) deals with using the business objects in a web application. NET controls like the Grid View in conjunction with the business objects.

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Variables are names used in programs to denote particular objects at execution time.

The default rendering consists of a vertical list of rows, one for each field in the bound data item.

The rendering of the Details View is largely customizable using templates and styles.

497 Many applications need to work on a single record at a time. You have to fetch the record, bind its fields to a data-bound form, and optionally provide paging buttons to navigate between records.

Creating a single record view is possible, but it requires some coding and, possibly, a custom control.

However, the downloads for this series also come with the T-SQL scripts to recreate the database in SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005.

You'll find the download link at the end of this article.

It can page, update, insert, and delete data items in the underlying data source as long as the data source supports these operations.

The Details View control binds to any data source control and executes its set of data operations.

NET Site Finally, note that although the Details View is commonly used as an update and insert interface, it does not perform any input validation against the data source schema, nor does it provide any schematized user interface such as foreign key field drop-down lists or made-tomeasure edit templates for particular types of data.

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