The 10 commandments of dating review

US Correspondent Ron Hogan is glad to see that AHS: Hotel has become the Evan Peters showcase.

The show leans heavily on the talents of Wes Bentley—too often delegated to the background most of the time—and the brilliantly fun performance of Evan Peters as the awesome James Frederick March.

Peters is clearly having a great time with this role, from his William Powell accent to his Walt Disney moustache, and it shows through in every little affectation the character has adopted, and his willingness to straight-up confess that he adopted the Brahmin accent from former teachers.

March is clearly a blast to write for, and March's interactions with Countess are great.

There's a strong undercurrent of dark humour, as March and Countess trade insults like a 1930s screwball comedy couple (which they kind of are) and Iris expresses inappropriate relief about no longer having to pretend that she hasn't seen Lowe several times a week for the last five years or so.

I'm not even sure he's trying to spring surprises anymore, given just how long the show has telegraphed the very “twist” it unfurls this week.

John Lowe, ace detective and the man obsessed with tracking down the Ten Commandments Killer, is actually the Ten Commandments Killer, which is something people have basically been discussing since the earliest stages of the season.

Alongside Lowe, as always, is Hypodermic Sally, Sarah Paulson's latest great character from the mind of Ryan Murphy.

A lot of credit for the success of the episode has to go to Evan Peters, who clearly loves being a villain and sinks his teeth into Ryan Murphy's dialogue with gusto this week.

That in and of itself is kind of a big feat for the show, given its history with slapdash plotting.

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