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Guest stars: Tony Gonzalez, Dorien Wilson, Annie Tedesco, Aaron Hendry, Myk Wattford, Tessie Santiago Bella skips cleaning up the football field with her team and lies to her coach about it.

Instead, she goes to the Hunter Hayes concert with Sophie and Pepper.

Bella and the Bulldogs is an American comedy television series created by Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza that aired on Nickelodeon, premiering on January 17, 2015, and ending on June 25, 2016.

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Guest stars: Sydney Park, Dorien Wilson, Andrew Friedman, Aaron Hendry After unexpectedly losing to the worst team in the league, Bella guarantees the Bulldogs will win a game to make the playoffs.

However, after Bella gets the "yips," the Bulldogs' chance of making the playoffs is endangered.

A tornado warning traps the gang at school during Pepper's birthday party.

To make up for being late for Pepper, Bella and Newt transform the gym into a cool Parisian scene for a surprise party.

Guest stars: Dorien Wilson, Johnnie Ladd Bella tries to help Newt get a spot in a game by finding the perfect position for him in time for his dad to see him play.

However, when Coach isn't sure about Newt playing so close to the playoffs, Bella will have to choose between her team and her friend.Olivia Carolyn Pope, portrayed by Kerry Washington, is a former White House Communications Director who is widely regarded as the best "fixer" in Washington.Olivia worked on the presidential campaign of then-Governor Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, with whom she began an affair.Troy, Newt, and Sawyer threaten to tell coach she skipped, but she says she'll do anything for them.After a series of long requests, they keep using Bella until she finally tells Coach.Guest star: Froy Gutierrez Absent: Rio Mangini as Ace The annual flag football for students and parents is around the corner and Bella is afraid that her mom is going to be an embarrassment, while Sawyer, Newt, and their dads try to compete against Troy and his uncle.

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