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Students Lauren Mason and Wyatt Bowman sign a Dating Violence Pledge as part of a teen violence dating awareness program presented recently at West Greene High School by Cheryl Mc Cready, satellite office coordinator for Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

WAYNESBURG – In observance of February being National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania presented a teen violence dating awareness program to students in the health classes at West Greene High School on Feb. Teen dating violence is abusive behavior intended to control, dominate and isolate another person.

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Expounding on the Hands Are Not for Hitting program, Mc Cready visits pre-schools with her “bevy” of toy sheep teaching the little children that hitting is “Baad.” Through this program, children learn no one has the right to harm anyone else and that children have the right to get help when they need it.

They learn that it is ok to tell a “trusted adult” if they feel afraid, are bullied or abused.

Men who witnessed their parents’ domestic violence when they were children were twice as likely to abuse their own wives than sons of nonviolent parents.

The violence awareness programs – Hands Are Not for Hitting, which is presented in the first and second grades, and Good Choices, which is presented in the fourth grade – are programs that address violent behavior that some children witness and learn in homes that have domestic violence.

Other anti-violence programs include Hands Are Not for Hitting and Good Choices.

Mc Cready said many children witness domestic violence in their everyday lives.

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However, it is clear that male and female adolescents use physical force for different reasons and with different results.[9] Researchers have found that female teens suffer more from relationship violence, emotionally and physically.[10] They are much more likely than males to have serious injuries and to report being terrified.

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