Ted turner dating now

"I built a multibillion-dollar company, and I won the America's Cup. I ran through three wives and numerous girlfriends, and I wore them all out! " In case anyone questions it, the Mouth of the South adds, "I'm still going fast!

" This is Ted spinning in the Turnerverse--that's what he calls his private world outside his public role at AOL Time Warner (parent of FORTUNE's publisher).

He is 64 years old, though he tells people that he is 65 (he will be in November).

Grabbing a spear that leans against one wall, he pretend-hurls it across the room: "This is Jackie Joyner-Kersee's javelin from the Goodwill Games," he says, referring to the scheme he hatched in 1985 to end the Cold War.

On his desk a wooden sign reads EITHER LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY--Turner's lifelong credo, which he has been thinking about a lot lately. " and then says, "Right now I'm kind of like Rhett Butler walking out the door on his way to Charleston to look for a more noble life." "Or," he adds, "it's about sex!

The one that caused him to quit, he reveals here, was quite specific: Neither CEO Richard Parsons nor anyone else among the AOL Time Warner brass consulted him about a change in the top management of CNN.

(Network chief Walter Isaacson resigned, and Jim Walton replaced him.) "It was the final straw," Turner says. Following this flap, Turner's friends were betting that he would quit AOL's board of directors as well. "Yes, I do give a damn," Turner says, his Gable-esque mustache crowning his smile.

Turner rode the stock down as the company's troubles, including onerous debt and accounting problems, piled up.

"I'm the stupidest person in the world not to have sold earlier," Turner says.These are difficult days for Turner, not only because of what he's lost but also because of what he fears. His kids know this and regularly assure him that they won't leave.Beau Turner, 35, Ted's youngest son, says that last summer, when AOL Time Warner stock fell below , he worried that his father might be contemplating suicide. Don't take your own life.' He smiled at me and said, 'You don't have to worry about me doing something that extreme.'" Turner is confronting the awful reality that he is running out of time.(FORTUNE Magazine) – Even when he is down, out, tired, miserable, wounded, worried, and wiped out--all words that spill from Ted Turner when he's asked how he's doing these days--he is, as ever, in motion."I went 90 miles an hour through my career," he says as he dashes around his brand-new office in Atlanta.--to air Avoiding Armageddon, his eight-hour documentary on weapons of mass destruction.

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