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The 2016 NHL Draft is right around the corner, which means a series of Mock Drafts are certainly on their way.With that being said Mike Mackley of Prospects Hockey has put together his thoughts, analysis and brief scouting reports on who and where he expects the first thirty players in the draft to go come June 24th in Buffalo. Toronto Maple Leafs – Auston Matthews (C) – ZSC Lions (NLA) The consensus first overall pick for the 2016 NHL Draft dating back almost two years, Auston Matthews will finally hear his name called by an NHL club when the Toronto Maple Leafs make him their first, first overall selection since they selected Wendel Clark first overall in the 1985 draft.A player with 50 goal potential, Laine will be quiet the consolation prize for the Winnipeg Jets. Columbus Blue Jackets – Jesse Puljujarvi (RW) – Karpat (SM-Liiga) Columbus finds themselves in a position were a franchise calibre player will “Fall” to them at #3.

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There are some great darners yet to be seen by me in NS, some may be very rare but all are worth looking for: Spatterdock Darner, Mottled Darner, Lance-tipped Darner, Variable Darner, Azure Darner, Zigzag Darner, Subarctic Darner, Black-tipped Darner, Green-striped Darner, Cyrano Darner, Ocellated Darner, Fawn Darner. We have plenty of clubtails to go at in NS, I’ve found a few and hope to get a few more in 2018: Black-shouldered Spinyleg, Spine-crowned Clubtail, Skillet Clubtail, Moustached Clubtail, Beaverpond Clubtail, Harpoon Clubtail, Dusky Clubtail, Zebra Clubtail, Northern Pygmy Clubtail, Eastern Least Clubtail, Extra-striped Snaketail, Brook Snaketail, Riffled Snaketail, Maine Snaketail, Delta-spotted Spiketail.

Here is a Black-shouldered Spinyleg and a Maine Snaketail.

Auston Matthews is a complete offensive player, blessed with elite hockey sense, a strong compete level and immense skill.

A player who brings the level of those around him up, Matthews will fill a role for a Toronto club that has lacked a true number one centre since Mats Sundin departed the club following the 2007-2008 season.

Here are shots of Black-shouldered Spinyleg, Eastern Least Clubtail and Maine Snaketail.

I’ve been happily surprised at the number of emeralds, baskettails and the like already seen in NS Wants are: American Emerald, Racket-tailed Emerald, Beaverpond Baskettail, Spiny Baskettail, Broad-tailed Shadowdragon, Ringed Emerald, Quebec Emerald, Lake Emerald, Ski-tipped Emerald, Forcipate Emerald, Delicate Emerald, Kennedy’s Emerald, Ocellated Emerald, Muskeg Emerald, Williamson’s Emerald , Ebony Boghunter, Swift River Cruiser.Puljujarvi is a versatile offensive threat who boasts a heavy and accurate shot along with elite vision and high end playmaking skills.When you combine his size, speed, strength and skill you quickly realize Puljujarvi is the complete package. Edmonton Oilers – Pierre-Luc Dubois (C/W) – Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL) While I fully expect the Edmonton Oilers to shop the fourth overall pick, if they go ahead and use their selection many would assume they’ll use it on one of the premiere defenders.The wants list is not exhaustive, but you have to start somewhere.My spreadwing selection in NS is not great, mostly through lack of effort, so I’l be looking for the following: Spotted Spreadwing, Southern Spreadwing, Amber-winged Spreadwing, Sweetflag Spreadwing, Slender Spreadwing, Swamp Spreadwing.Below is an Amber-winged Spreadwing, a species of ephemeral pools I have plenty of bluet room too: Subarctic Bluet, Taiga Bluet, Sedge Sprite, Eastern Red Damsel, Boreal Bluet, Vernal Bluet, Orange Bluet, Vesper Bluet, Citrine Forktail.

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