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The connection felt by those in arranged marriages is said to be around twice as strong.Relationship experts claim this is because arranged matches are carefully considered, with thought going into whether potential partners’ families, interests and life goals are compatible.

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Moving On Up has now CLOSED for 2017, thank you to everyone who attended.

How prepared are you for your first steps as a professional actor?

What does it take to move a market beyond stalemate?

ENJOY, AND FEEL FREE TO With a lanky body, pointy ears and bulging lips, Jeff Goldblum represents an untraditional form of handsome at the start of our list.

You merely need to answer the question: Do I want to see this person again?

Yet despite the compelling evidence that digital financial services offer huge opportunities to expand financial inclusion by reducing costs, improving user experience, and reducing proximity barriers, less than four percent of Tunisians use mobile financial services.

He has interviewed more than 100 couples in arranged marriages to assess their strength of feeling and studied his findings against more than 30 years of research into love in Western and arranged marriages.

His work suggests that feelings of love in love matches begin to fade by as much as a half in 18 months, whereas the love in the arranged marriages tends to grow gradually, surpassing the love in the unarranged marriages at about the five-year mark.

But what factors does the casting director consider when choosing who to bring in for the audition in the first place? If not for a callback for this role, then some other audition opportunity in the future?

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