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It was a day for the animals to celebrate their existence.

There were Unicorns, Monkeys, various coloured magical dogs like Spark and Anti-Sparky, snakes, frogs that were cursed by witches, and many more. Sparky poofed in and looked out for any other magical dog.

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Sparky noticed most of the guests were magic animals as well, in all shapes, sizes, colours and even dogs. The lights turned off and shone on the stage."Ladies and Gentle men, welcome to the 'Dog ball of the great Masters'.

Before we begin with our talent show of the animals, last years winner, 'My Master is 13', has returned this year with the stakes for this years championship. "Indeed, the announcer stood then in the centre, a blade came hurtling to his head and he was split open.

And you get jealous of the other Fairy and Anti-Fairy dogs of having some." Wanda pointed out."True Wanda. If you are sure you want to meet your soul mate, then go.

But I gave my promise to 'My Masteris13' to be there. Come back please in one piece."Sparky nodded his head.This story is a fair warning about how dangerous online dating can become. As Sparky re-appeared in Timmy's bedroom he saw Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof were all just coming back from their own walk. Sparky chewed a little bit at Poof and embraced the little Fairy."Poof, poof? Anti-Sparky growled darkly at the Grim Reaper and readied his tail for a laser attack, if he dared to harm his 'friend' Foop.In it Sparky aranged a date with somebody called 'Bad Wolf Alpha', will Sparky actually fall for his date, as did his date for him? Foop however looked at the bottle interested and grinned. Anti-Sparky poofed to his home, picked two bones out from his chew pile and poofed back, he placed them down and the Grim Reaper waved his hand over them. One from a dead wolf and the second from a shark."How did you kill a shark? Anti-Sparky smiled, "A few years ago the Anti-Fairywrinkle Anti-Cosma family took me and Foop fishing.Make sure you don't react to it or me Once Sparky drinks the potion the water will turn back to normal." Foop explained. He smiled a little bit, but it was still too scary to think he would have to be forced in hurting his counterpart.With Sparky Sparky looked at the calender and smiled.After 9 months the pups should be born." The Grim Reaper explained. Foop, that is exactly what you wanted."Foop smiled wickedly and nodded his head. Order for yourself and Sparky each a bowl of water and some beef gravy stu.

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