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In 1971, the SIU Board of Trustees made official the campus's name of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

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Southern Illinois University (SIU), over 100 miles (160 km) to the region's south, opened a residence center in Belleville in 1949.

SWICHE and the SIU Board of Trustees met and stated their agreement in goals in 1956, and, that same year, an Executive Committee from the Board of Education in Alton invited Dr.

Money for the purchase came from A) contributions from individuals, businesses, industries, labor unions, civic organizations, and PTAs; B) loans from 14 Metro-East banks; and C) state funding.

In 1960, a bond issue was voted upon by the citizens of Illinois; the measure passed by more than 100,000 votes, providing funds for the construction of the campuses of SIUE and the school now known as the University of Illinois Chicago.

Alonzo Myers, Chairman of the Department of Higher Education for Higher Education at New York University, to perform a study of the need for higher education in the Metro-East.

the 1950 census showed that students in the region in question were only half as likely as those in other regions of the country to finish a four-year college degree program (owing specifically to the lack of a nearby university and the financial difficulties of going to school away from home at other state universities).

She says the organization will be similar to a group that was active in Southern Illinois 25 years ago — a group that started with eight people and grew to as many as 300 several years later.

Like the FOCAS organization, the initial group’s goal was not match-making, but Williams says sometimes things happen.

My goal is to give singles in the tri-state area a place where they can come, laugh and get to know one another.

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