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I later discovered that when we fall in love, we have a certain 'image' of our beloved that we create in our minds based on what we know of them, and it's that image we fall in love with. The fact that he can be open about it with his SO is wonderful to hear.Seeing her man as a female in any way can be completely destructive to that 'manly' image, and often kills off any sexual desire for him, which can be the beginning of the end of that relationship. I discovered that my boyfriend of 5 years was a CD last year.You are blessed that she is your friend in supporting your desires!

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After you conquer your fear, you'll have a really fun time with it.

OP I hope that your wife is as understanding about you seeking sexual encounters outside of your marriage as she is about your crossdressing!

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How many males fully crossdress for their partners and do some women like that?

We all have our way of exploring the world and hopefully we attract people around us who will only enhace life for us Re the Opost I am not into dressing like a woman. Had I kept my crossdressing private, we probably would still be together. Oh and before you get your panties in a bunch and say I'm a homophobic, let me just say I have no problems with gays. Does that mean when your girl walks around in your shirt she's suddenly a lesbian? The OP is lucky to be with such an open-minded partner.

But I must remind the audience that dresses (skirts) were worn by both sexes in Ancient times. When we discussed it with a therapist, she said it changed everything. They know who they and don't pretend to be something their not. I think its part of the whole taboo of a guy liking it thats the turn-on. Theres far more destructive things one can do to a relationship than wearing panties.Also, there is a Non-Binary Florida Face Book group, feel free to join if you are a Florida resident and identify as NB/GQ in any way!https:// Indian River Jackson Jefferson Lafayette Lake Lee Leon or [email protected]*Hold youth transgender support group call or email for regular appointments————————————————————————————————————-Full Time Trans (Support Group) 946 N. Orlando, FL 32803Time and Date: -pm 2nd Tuesday of each month*** They also offer reduce rate therapy to the GLBT* definitely does make me feel domme when he does dress up, but I don't think it's made me feel as though our relationship is less equal because of it... I volunteer in a charity shop and I love to look out for sexy undies for him to wear for me. You've mistakenly assumed that clothing determines sexual orientation. I know it’s a shame we don’t fit neatly into one of your categories, but such is the way of the world.Crossdressers (gender dysphoria, more clinically correct) have the same orientations as the rest of society - some are hetero; some are bi; some are gay. I have friends that pilot supertankers, airline pilots, healthcare, artists, military (special forces), technology, mechanics, police, just about everything you can imagine. Interestingly enough, most gays are just as perplexed about us as are the straights.Women have such a wide variety of fabrics and styles to choose from compared to men.

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