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Moon was the zombie-maker, the body-snatcher, who came in the night—or when the children were away at college, and stole their souls away.

Military intelligence officers who investigated Unification Church operations in Washington in the 1970s and '80s, report that the recruitment device used on ranking, conservative political and military officials was to hold weekly orgies, arranged by Col.

Bo Hi Pak, the Unification Church official who was a top officer of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA).

Moon uses his ample supplies of money, gold-plated watches minted in his own factories, and his private stock of "Asian brides" for the most corrupt.

Moon also owns a substantial chunk of the business operations of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.

According to the local Fox station, Charles Parker was listed as a registered sex offender after being convicted in 2003 of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 31-year-old woman and was also convicted in a sexual assault case involving a child in 1991.

Back in the 1970s, when the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Gnostic Sex-Cult Freak Show was in its mass recruiting phase, the "Moonies" were the American parent's worst nightmare.

But they didn't stop at Congressmen and high-ranking military.

Moon now owns the religious right from Jerry Falwell to Gary Bauer, and has bought up most of the independent black ministers, the former base of the civil rights movement, to boot.

The special treat at these affairs were the "Little Angels"— Korean schoolgirls brought over by Moon as a singing group.

The photo files from these sessions are reported to be a powerful influence in certain circles to this very day.

Moon owns the second major daily in the national capital of the world's greatest power, the Washington Times, and the second largest wire service, United Press International.

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