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approach implemented over development (year 2013) and transferability (year 2014) sets using different input features (ERN and ERN s). Chicago/Turabian Style Villa, Paolo; Stroppiana, Daniela; Fontanelli, Giacomo; Azar, Ramin; Brivio, Pietro A. Ma = maize; R = rice; Sb = soybean; WC = winter crop; DC = double crop; Fo = forages; F-W = forestry-woodland; ERN = EVI NDFI RGRI; ERN = EVI NDFI RGRI σ° = ERN s.

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Il maltempo costringe al rinvio il match tra Knights e Braves.

FIDAF Federazione Italiana di American Football Sede legale c/o CONI - Pal.

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