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She has dressed up way too many times for a man who doesn’t deserve her shining beauty.

The last thing she wants is to get approached by another guy who is so unauthentic that it is impossible for her to trust and respect him. She wants a guy who shows how strong he is, without hiding the fact that he has his vulnerable side.

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can have a bigger impact on your life than any complicated pseudo-scientific theories.

The most important rule of all: Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

You only need one of them to become good, but you need both of them to become great.

Behave the way you truly want to behave and the women will be drawn towards you.

Spinning a girl around and trying hard to make her laugh during the first interaction is an essential part of many pick-up videos on You Tube, but just because it is on You Tube doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to do that. I have met quite a few girls who seemed like exciting and adventurous girls, until I went on the first date with them.

While you interpret the laughing and giggling in those videos as an obvious sign of attraction, she just asks herself why the hell this weirdo came up to her. However, I honestly believe that every human being has the inherent potential to be funny. Connect with your inner child and you will see the positive impact that this can have on your dating life. You wouldn’t believe how many beautiful women spend all their leisure time watching TV and sharing uninspired selfies on Instagram.

It won’t happen overnight, even though some scammy marketers try to convince you from the opposite.

In the end it doesn’t really matter if it takes you two weeks or two months.

Every woman wants to have a good time with the guy she is with.

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